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The Buying Process

  • Learn about our agents and select the right fit for you, or contact our office and let us guide you to the agent who will best suit your needs.
  • Sign agency agreement with your agent. This agreement outlines how your agent will work on your behalf for a successful home purchase.
  • Our agents will be searching for a good fit as well, and you can search listings on your own as well.
  • Tour properties with your agent.
  • Begin the lending process.
  • Work with your agent on offer price and terms; agent will submit offer to seller.
  • The offer will either be accepted, countered, or rejected.
  • When your offer is accepted, your agent will collect your earnest money and begin the escrow process.
  • Have inspectors conduct necessary inspections and negotiate repairs through your agent.
  • Your lender will order the appraisal, and you will submit all necessary documents to your lender.
  • Do a final walkthrough of the home.
  • Bring or wire your funds to closing and sign documents transferring ownership.
  • Title company will have the sale recorded.

Congratulations on your new home!

Our Clients Say

“We had a great experience with First Neighborhoods! We’ve used them to buy two homes and sell our home – would recommend to anyone!!”


“…would be happy to recommend First Neighborhoods to friends.”


“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with First Neighborhoods Realty…should we move again will definitely use First Neighborhoods Realty ;)”


“We also felt so at ease because First Neighborhoods’ staff were so knowledgeable about buying and selling older, historic homes.”


“As a home inspector, my team and I have been working with First Neighborhoods Realty for many years and have seen firsthand how each agent goes out of their way to make their client’s home buying/selling experience as smooth as possible. I would gladly refer any agent that works with First Neighborhoods Realty to anyone I know.”


“First Neighborhoods was great! They worked the magic behind the scenes to keep our home purchase moving along. No small feat when you’re buying a 100-year old house. Highly recommended!”


“First Neighborhoods Realty is incredible. We have worked with other realtors in Knoxville, but no one as professional and savvy. They have the inside scoop on our historical Knoxville neighborhood and were able to let us know about several upcoming sales before they hit the market (one of which we purchased).”


“Helped my wife and I find our home, understood what we wanted, very easy to work with, and made the home buying process very simple. Highly recommend!”


“Though we’re delighted with our new place downtown, I still follow the First Neighborhoods listings, because they really know Knoxville’s best places to live!”


“ First Neighborhoods sells amazing properties and really care for Knoxville’s historic houses.”


Why First Neighborhoods Realty?

We believe when people love where they live, they become vibrant parts of their community. Our mission at First Neighborhoods Realty is to build vibrant communities.

While every real estate transaction is contingent on market conditions, finances, time, location, and buyers’ needs and wants, we are adept at carving out unique solutions, finding work-arounds, or striking out in new directions. We see potential.

If you’d like to talk about your potential in buying a home, give us a call. We’ll be your trusted guide.

Meet Our Agents

As First Neighborhoods agents, we’ve seen it all–whether it’s a sellers’ market, a buyers’ market, or somewhere in between. We know how to help every client find the home that suits their unique needs.

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